Optical Connector

Category: Optical Connector (Optical Jack, Optical Transmitter, Optical Toslink, Optical Audio Jack, Optical Audio Connector, Audio Jack) Connector.)
(Vertical Type, Lead Free Products, RoHS Compliant Parts.)
Application to: Audio Equipment, Portable DVD, DVD Player, LCD TV, Set-Top Box, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Mobile Phone, Optical SPDIF, Games, Toy … etc

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Optical Connector

Optical Connector, Optical Jack, Optical Transmitter, Optical Toslink, Audio Jack, Audio Connector, TV Jack, Fibre Optic Connectors, Fiber Optics Connector, Connector Optics, Fiber Optics, Fibre Optic, Fiber Optic Transmitter, Vertical Type, Lead Free, Pb Free Product, RoHS Compliance.

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